To work by bike…

How about changing a car to a bike?

Prohaccp company encourages employees, though somehow it doesn't have to do it, so that they can change driving to work by car for driving by bicycle. At the beginning, 2-3 people used this form of transport, but now our specially prepared bicycle garrage is regularly filled with 8-10 bicycles. Some people drives up to 30 km this way!
Do you know how much less fuel is used or dangerous greenhouse gases, not to mention the time saved in traffic jams ?!
Saving time, nerves and fuel is not the only benefit of a bicycle ride, because the fact that our health is much better is most important.

And here is a suprise. As an encouragement our company action was created - Cycling to work, bonus to salary - extra money for our corporate cyclists. For each day of getting to work by bike, they get an extra PLN 10 to their salary. But what about those who don't have a bike? We also found a solution. We have prepared Prohaccp's bikes which everyone can use whenever they want.
Ok but some employee have more kilometers to get to work - Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution, but you have to start somewhere

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