About us

PROHACCP was estabilished in year 2009 and since the very beginning concentrates on supplying food industry with products which help to improve food safety.

Our main product line are metal and X-ray detectable products, which help food companies to reduce risk of food contamination with foreign body.

We do not limit ourselves to detectable products and we try to respond to market demand by develompent and sales of other products which help in process of food safety assurance.

When we develop new products we always try to listen to our customers' need and analyse in details not onlu publicly available food safety systems such as HACCP, BRC and IFS but also very detailed systems of individual companies like TFMS by Tesco or SQMS by McDonalds.

During customer service we follow the rule that our most important customer is the one who is now being serviced righ now. We always try to reply to our customers' needs as fast as possible so that our customers always know than in case he has difficult situation he always can count on PROHACCP.

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