We say NO to polysteryne!

As in Prohaccp company are a few gluttons and we like to eat something good , we order food to our company at some well-known places.

The problem was the polystyrene packaging, which, with the frequency of ordering on a monthly basis, resulted in a huge bag of non-ecological waste. It must be remembered that the production of packaging and containers often uses enormous amounts of energy, and some of them decompose over tens, if not hundreds of years..
"But not only the issue of ecology is important here. Such polystyrene packaging has a negative impact on our health. They are made by introducing gas into a plastic substance called styrene. It is a carcinogen and has a negative effect on the nervous system and may cause tiredness and memory loss. The worst thing is when you heat food brought in such a package in a microwave oven. The rinsed styrene particles may find their way into the food." .

So how we can get the food? In a special designed boxes. We bought special reusable lunchboxes for our employees. As it turned out, it is not a problem either for the employees or the restaurant. The procedure is simple: we order food, the restaurant prepares it and we deliver the containers in which we collect the food.
The only thing left to do is sit comfortably on our ecological sofas made of pallets and enjoy your lunch ... it's just a pity that the breaks are so short

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