Out of concern for the environment

Caring for the Earth is not a fashion, it is our duty. We are part of the environment, we live here and we should especially care about living healthy and safe. Every year, we generate over 1 million tons of plastic waste! These are disposable carrier bags, straws, beautiful but unnecessary packaging of equipment that we simply throw away. In PROHACCP, we help to ensure the food safety, but we also want to care for the environment. We try to make our products burdensome for the environment as little as possible. Remember. If you choose ecological, recycled products, you can help the planet.

Garbage is a problem. we deal with it daily. We have to change our way of thinking if we want to find a way out. This is basic assumption by the authors of the idea "Zero Waste" The term "Zero Waste" is not entirely new. It first appeared in the 1970s, thanks to the chemist Dr. Paul Palmer. The scientist in his company put emphasis on designing products in such a way that they would become returnable objects. Dr. Palmer was also the founder of the "Zero Waste Institute" organization.

What exactly is Zero Waste? You can say that it is a lifestyle, in which caring for the condition of our planet is essential. Generally speaking, we should always choose options that will help to minimize the generated waste when we satisfy ours everyday living needs. Memorable passwords were created to reach recipients more effectively. Initially, there were five rules, but there were still new ideas to reduce our household waste. Today The 5R rule is most often in the form of 7R, although there are also versions in which “R” is even more.

7R rules

In accordance with the Zero waste idea, we should follow rules:


Where are these mountains of rubbish coming from? One of the reason is consumerism. We buy unnecessary things in nice packages. Besides the fact that they look nice, in a moment you will have to get rid of them anyway.You must learn to say ,,no’’to products which production is damaging for the planet, redundant products that we do not need. We should observe our principles when somebody try to push us an advertising leaflet or a plastic net.


This is the basic principle of Zero Waste. In everyday activities, it is enough to stop and think for a moment - do I need it? can it still be useful? etc. In this way, we can "jump over" several other ,,R” with the benefit for the environment and often for our wallet.


If we have already learned to REFUSE, we can go one step further. It is worth to have a closer look at what we already have. There are certainly many things that we do not use and it is unlikely that we will ever reach for them. Why should it still lie and get dusted? Let pass on to someone who will need them. A wisely conducted reduction will give pleasure to person in need, and it will be also good for us!


When you are in a shop, choose reusable products. If an object is useless, let's think about how to give it a second life. Pots made of old dishes, glasses made of mustard jars, or furniture made of pallets are probably classics.


If something is used, there is always a risk of failure. Many people rashly dispose of items that have been damaged in some way. This is the perfect excuse to buy something new. Before we decide to throw away the shoes, let's try to stick them up and sew the hole in the pants (or not, because jeans with holes are fashionable ;-). When we are unable to repair ourselves, let's trust a specialist: a shoemaker, a tailor or a leatherworker.


Of course, you can't use everything forever. Then, at least with a sore heart, you need to get rid of such an object. However, you should do it wisely! Let the objects that served us do not increase the mountain of garbage in the nearby landfill. There is a great chance that they can be reused. Sorting waste has been our duty for some time, but still not everyone treats it very seriously.


There is also waste in every house, which Mother Nature deals with quite quickly and efficiently. I am talking about composting, a simple, free and effective method, thanks to which you can obtain a valuable fertilizer for cucumber or potted plants. (source: http://planetsilbo.pl)

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