Auditor's set

Auditor's set
Auditor's set

Be prepared for your next audit. Check every nook and cranny with telescopic flashlight and mirror. Find problem and solve it before auditor finds it.

Kit includes: detectable pen with serial number for full traceability + detectable stainless LED flashlight + detectable unbreakable mirror. All tools packed into personalizable aluminium box Possibility of purchasing only selected tools

Perfectly smoothened edges to prevent from accidental cuts.

Detectability of our products depends on metal detector settings, and type of food products produced (product composition, size, humidity etc.). In order to make sure that our metal detectable products will be detected we strongly recommend that you test it on your metal detectors before you use it.

Product codeProduct option
P0010Auditor's set to cleaning control
P0011Detectable telescopic flashlight with magnetic head
P0012Detectable telescopic mirrors
P0013Detectacle LED flashlight

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