Detectable pens "LIGHT" & "LIGHT PLUS"

Detectable pens

Economical solution for those for whom price is very important. The cheapest detectable pen in our offer.

Meets requirements of HACCP, BRC, IFS and other food safety standards recognised under Global Food Safety Initiative.

Made of special detectable plastic compound detectable both on metal detector and on X-ray.

Replaceable detectable refill is available for this pen.

All parts of this detectable product are made of metal detectable materials.

Available in several colours to enable colour coding.

Blue colour to make it visually detectable as blue contrasting colour normally does not occur in food products.

Detectability of our products depends on metal detector settings, and type of food products produced (product composition, size, humidity etc.). In order to make sure that our metal detectable products will be detected we strongly recommend that you test it on your metal detectors before you use it.

Product codeProduct optionInk coloursBody colours
P0379LIGHT (without cap)
P0389LIGHT PLUS (with cap)

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